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Calling all pool service professionals!

The smart home industry is exploding with options and is estimated to reach a whopping $53.45Bn by 2022. Everything is being connected to the internet and your pool is next in line. PoolSense is set to change the pool care industry forever and we want to make you part of this revolution.

Great Retail Margins!

Minimum of 30% GP by selling at the Recommended Retail prices.

PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor

Pool chemistry is not an exact science, there is a complex relationship between, pH, ORP, temperature, UV and the surrounding environment. PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor measures key water quality metrics up to 24 times a day, processes this data and sends intelligent alerts to an app on your phone. Sending notifications of which chemicals and how much thereof to add to keep pools clear and healthy.

How can PoolSense help your business?

  • You will profit from device sales.
  • You will be able to offer calibration services on an annual basis.
  • The probes of the PoolSense device have a shelf-life of between 12 and 18 months operation. The replacement business will be yours once the devices become modular.
  • You can optimise chemical usage and home visits to your pool maintenance customers through our PoolSense portal (extra cost may apply).
  • Offer chemical top-ups to customers according to their dosage history.
  • The PoolSense app allows pool owners to request assistance from you and again you’ll be in charge of the value chain.

PoolSense Partner Portal

Through our unique portal, you as a Pool Shop owner will be able to establish a relationship with your pool owners. Allowing you to engage and control the relationship and become more proactive.  Monitor your clients’ pools remotely and know, at a glance, which pool needs your attention.  This will save numerous home visits and ensure problem pools are given priority. 

The portal enables you with a real-time view of your customer’s pool. You can engage with your customer through the portal and offer assistance. Hereby encouraging their trust and setting the stage for them to come into your shop for necessary chemicals.

We know if you can get a customer in your shop you will be able to sell them the products, service and peripheral items they need for their pools.

Why become a Partner?

The increasing popularity of home automation and PoolSense is set to change the way homeowners manage their pools. Ensure that you are ahead of the curve by implementing  smart technology and enjoy increased revenue and cost savings.  We at PoolSense believe our product and go-to-market strategy supports the idea of driving customers back to the pool shops.

Disruptive Technology

PoolSense is set to change the world of swimming pool water quality management. By continuously measuring, calculating the required dosages and delivering this to a smartphone app, we make pool care simple. No more hacking with test kits and guessing what you need to add, PoolSense will take care of this for you and  your customers.

Exclusive Wholesale Pricing

Great retail margins (30% or more) with exclusive wholesale pricing. Minimum order of 5 units required.

PoolSense makes owning a pool a hassle-free and easy as 1-2-3 experience. Our satisfied clients are so impressed with PoolSense that they already see the potential and market appeal. 

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Cooperation Partner

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